Inspired by the architecture around Toronto and built using boolean systems on Rhino.
A selection of Toronto's architecture through the seasons that brought inspiration to this project.
A demo build video for how I sculpted the shape using various boolean functions on Rhino.
The functions I used to sculpt displayed in order from start to finish.
The shape was exploded on Rhino and laser cut. This is what I used to build my prototype.
Prototype assembly hyperlapse. 
Using my hands to create the shape was a nice way to connect to the sculpture in a tangible way for the first time.
Fully assembled prototype. 
Confirming that this was the correct shape and file to be sent to the 3D printer. The seams were at appropriate angles and would create flawless and sharp corners.
Sculpture in its final form.
This project was very inspiring. I enjoy the problem solving of how to turn the sculpture from 3D to 2D and back into 3D through prototyping. I am happy with how the final shape turned out. 

This entire project was done from home in Winter 2021 for a 3D modelling section of an Atelier course. 

Software used includes: Rhino 7, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro. 
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