I designed Bartex with the intention of developing a barter economy that will connect small business owners to other local members of their community.

Take a minute to walkthrough the prototype.

I built it using Adobe XD.
Customer Research and Design Thinking:
User Persona No. 1: She is an experienced designer that is looking for help with remodeling her kitchen.
User Persona No. 2: He is a carpenter looking for a way to develop his online presence and grow is business.

User Flow No. 1

User Flow No. 2

The Structure

Information Grouping and Taxonomy Development

Building out the branding, demo, and research allowed me to obtain invaluable skills in the User Experience field. I am confident in my abilities to use industry specific software, design frameworks, and research tactics.
​​​​​​​This project was designed during a six week intensive Brainstation User Experience Design bootcamp in 2020.

Software used for this project: XD, Figma, Mural, Illustrator, Premier Pro.
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