Welcome Home, we're so glad that you made it.

Please listen with headphones and enjoy.

Ecotopia is about exploring the possibility of living in a future where biomorphic construction practices have created a world where Humanity lives symbiotically with Planet Earth.

No longer apart, we thrive together.
In our Ecotopic future, high density housing is not separate from the living organisms that it supports. 

The home is the living organism.
By effectively working together, our group was able to complete a unified vision that we are very excited to share. We were able to bring our vision to life through Blender, VCV Rack, Max Cycling, Audition, After Effects, Illustrator, and Premier Pro. 

Strategizing our workflow for our final output was a monumental task that involved lots of meetings and plans. With the assistance of Miro, Google, and good internet we were successful in effectively sharing our ideas and files.

The breakdown for work went like this:
Emily Flood - 3D modeling & sculpting, animation, 
Marquessa MacKenzie - 3D modeling, sound design, motion design, video production
Nicole Vella - 3D modeling, animation
Serena Seow - 3D modeling, rendering
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