Superhighway is an expression of our desire to share information and experiences on a network that spans the globe. 

Using trains as our object, our group collaborated to weave our unique artistic languages into a story about communication and transportation.

Team Awesome's final submission. Video produced by Serena Seow. 

Our video can be broken down into three sections. With collaboration and input from all members across each section.

The title section is made up of the Superhighway kinetic logo and the interconnected 3D globe. The typeface and colours were designed by Seongyeon Hong, and the animation was done by Serena Seow.
Emily Flood created and animated the globe. The highlighted animated areas provide a hand drawn element that is meant to represent the interconnected global network.
The second part of the video is the collage montage. Assets were gathered by Yurie Ha and Marquessa Mackenzie through online archives such as the digital archives with the Toronto Public Library.

Deconstructing all the subjects for the collage was a group effort put forth by Emily, Seongyeon, Yurie, and Marquessa. However, when it comes to the animation and colour correction Seongyeon was the mastermind behind the orchestration of the assets.
For the third section, the 3D train montage, Seoyoung took trains from Korea and Canada and animated them to move across the screen. The goal is to represent the spreading of information on a global scale culminating in the trains turning into the light beams that speed across the globe.
Our colour pallet comes from the combination of the Korean and Canadian flag, as well as the KTX and GO trains from their respective countries. The trains are also models for some of the trains used throughout the video.
We are so happy to have had the opportunity to share our knowledge, art, and culture with students from opposite sides of the world. 
Thank you for coming along with us on this journey. 

Emily Flood | Marquessa MacKenzie | Serena Seow | Seongyeon Hong | Seoyoung Qhak | Yurie Ha
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