A social experiment encouraging viewers to cross the threshold into participation.
A vintage brass rotary phone next to a tea light and two vases
Marcel Duchamp's work shows that ordinary objects can prompt novel experiences and emotional reactions. 
In the 1960s, the experimental interdisciplinary collective Fluxus took this idea and revolutionized the art world by placing the viewer at the centre of the experience. From printed ephemera, experimental audio and visuals to live performance art, the viewer's experience became integral to the artwork. 

Inspired by Fluxus and Duchamps, I aim to create art that sparks curiosity and invites connection. ​​​​​​​
Unknown Caller draws on sounds from Fluxus Anthology (1989), a record of events and happenings throughout the collective's tenured history. The retrofitted phone is compatible with modern technology. The displayed ephemera is a collection of vintage phone materials, original work, and adaptations from AI representations of Fluxus ideas. 
In homage to the “intermedia” artists and creators of Fluxus and anti-art movements, I dare you to reach across the perimeter and experience the excitement of discovering the unknown.
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